Countries by Confirmed Coronavirus Death in top 15

Top 15 Countries by Confirmed Coronavirus Death

ANKARA – 1st in the list of Countries by Confirmed Coronavirus

Ankara is on the first place in the list of Countries by Confirmed Coronavirus

Malaysia’s tally of cases rose higher than a pair of,000 as officers confirmed 235 new cases over the past twenty four hours.

According to a native daily The Star, the overall range of cases within the country is currently a pair of,031, whereas four a lot of fatalities raised the cost to twenty-three.


Thailand reportable 111 new COVID-19 cases, transportation the country’s total to one,045.

Four individuals have died of the coronavirus malady in Thailand up to now, whereas eighty eight individuals have recovered.

Dr. Anupong Suchariyakul, a specialist at Thailand’s malady management Department, deuced partygoers for the unfold of the virus, the national capital Post reportable.

He aforementioned the spike witnessed in native cases was because of guests thronging to recreation places, boxing stadiums, and additionally nonsecular ceremonies.


Vietnam has 153 confirmed cases up to now. However, it is nevertheless to record any death because of the coronavirus, in line with its Health Ministry.

According to daily Vietnam News, the ministry reportable five new cases on the, 2 of whom since returning to the country had been in quarantine between March twenty-one and March twenty-three.

The three alternative cases were of native transmission, the ministry aforementioned.


Health authorities in Kampuchea aforementioned ten individuals have recovered once getting the coronavirus.

The aforementioned country’s total range of cases is ninety-six, as well as fifty-five foreigners.


5th in the list of Countries by Confirmed Coronavirus

A total of twenty-one individuals have recovered from COVID-19 in West Pakistan, in line with the country’s prime health official Dr. Zafar Mirza.

Pakistan’s tally of confirmed cases is at one,130, with 9 fatalities, as of Th.


Indian-administered Jammu and Kashmir reportable 2 a lot of cases of COVID-19 on Th, taking the controversial region’s tally to eleven.

One person died within the region on Th, authorities aforementioned.

The new cases embody 2 minor siblings, whose gramps had tested positive some days agone.


Four a lot of individuals died due to the coronavirus malady, taking India’s cost to thirteen.

Health officers reportable forty three new COVID-19 cases on Th, raising the overall to 649.

They aforementioned this was rock bottom rise in daily cases over the past 5 days.

New island

The new island, wherever authorities implemented internment at Wednesday hour,

reportable seventy eight new COVID-19 cases, as well as 2 minors.

Authorities aforementioned twenty seven individuals have recovered from the malady up to now, whereas the overall range of cases is currently 283.

Australia – last in the list of Countries by Confirmed Coronavirus

The cost in Australia rose to thirteen once a COVID-19 patient died in Perth.

There was a decreased ratio in the Celebrity cosmic time liner that was docked in the state capital between March eighteen and March twenty, rudiment News reportable.

Earlier, the state of Victoria reportable 3 deaths. The total range of COVID-19 cases in Australia is at a pair of 810.

After 1st showing in the metropolis, China last Dec.

The novel coronavirus has unfolded to a minimum of one hundred seventy five countries

and regions in line with knowledge compiled by the U.S. based Johns Hopkins University.

The data shows that over 495,000 cases are reportable worldwide since last December

with virtual twenty two 300 deaths and nearly a hundred and 20,000 recoveries.

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